Street Fighter Season 2 Is In The Works


It was announced that Season 2 of The Street Fighter web-series is coming. The viral hit SF: Assassin’s Fist was big-time fan service, so this is no surprise. This part of the story is titled ‘World Warrior’. Who will Ryu and Ken face next? It will be interesting to see who is cast as the other fighters. Sagat? Bison? We want Scott Adkins to be Guile for sure. According to Variety, the project is scheduled for a 2015/Early 2016 release.

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3 thoughts on “Street Fighter Season 2 Is In The Works

  1. I have not watched season one, although it appears to have been received well. I presume Season 2 will cover the first Street Fighter game. I’m not sure if Guile was in that one.


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