The Crew Beta Is Loaded With Content

For those who signed up, you are in for a treat. The crew features a massive world map designed for you and posse to explore. Stay on course, doing missions, or goof off as well. The game is really coming along, and we are still several months away from its release. This came off initially like a simple arcade experience, so its good to know the game is deeper than that. The RPG elements come into play when drivers level up. Properly tuning your car can play a big role in your chances of winning. This is when they well unlock the necessary parts for their vehicles, Perks, and other upgrades. MMO, Role Playing game progression, and an insane map to explore. Okay, the cars look awesome too. For those in the closed Beta, let us know what you think. It lasts from July 21st to July 25th.

#TheCrew @PlayLegit


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