Sniper Elite III Review: Skulls Will Shatter (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)


Real Talk By: KJ

505 brings us the next chapter of their WWII focused sniping game. The setting takes us into the North African Conflict. Our hero Karl Fairburne returns in this sequel/prequel to V2. This game wants players to think before engaging. Use binoculars and survey the field. Tag enemies (like Splinter Cell Conviction/Hitman Absolution), and study their routines. Opportunities arise where you can snipe guys, with none being alerted of your presence. Mess with a power generator, and shoot the moment it short circuits. The combination of sounds cancel each other out. Other cool scenarios will arise as you push on through the campaign. Sniping without covering your tracks, results in guards quickly coming to your place of hiding. You must relocate to another area, and fast. This is how you confuse them.

I pull up the scope, wait for the focus meter to fill, everything slows down. Its time to line the shot. Compensate for the bullet drop and let it go. The camera is focused on the slug. Watch as it slowly goes into the enemy. The X-Ray shows the player exactly where its going. Like V2, Sniper Elite 3 delivers on that end. I tagged an enemy in a tent, The bullet went through hitting the guy right in the back of the head. This aspect of the game is very polished. More parts of the body are in danger this time. Things get rough for the opposition. Make vehicles explode. Do it when Nazis are crowded around. Hit that shot right at the engine, The results are fantastic. Levels are huge with objectives doable how the player sees fit.

Rank up online or off. Regardless of the mode, experience points will be earned. Find enemy intel, get cool kills, and climb up. Difficulties range of course. The last two have friendly fire turned on for good. To get more enjoyment out of SE3 players should run the campaign on it’s hardest. This is because odd A.I. choices are made all through the game. A guy trying to find me, stopped, started shooting in the sand for no reason. He unloaded a full clip, then sprinted to the other side of the area. Some of the routines guards go through are laughable. I was seen through a wall! Other times they didn’t notice me when they really should have. SE3 wants you to play with caution, but contradicts itself many times. The save points are unbalanced. Players should do it manually. It seems the title will only do it after major events happen. Maybe we’re taking other games abilities to auto-save everything for granted.

It Gets Real.
It Gets Real.

Set up traps such as mines. This gets really useful in the games survival mode, as Nazi’s will rush you in force. Take on multiple waves of foes as the challenge steadily increases. Overwatch is Sniper and Spotter game type. Like the survival, it can be played with another online. Versus battles allow up to 12 players. Expect some major sniping battles. While entertaining, linking up with others can be a challenge at times. The typical Deathmatch/TeamDM is here, but another mode (Dubbed “No-Cross”) raises the stakes. The map has a line separating each team. This forces players to snipe.

Sniper Elite is a title that feels rewarding at times, but frustrating as well. It seems like the game was designed with just the long-range aspect in mind. Hence the title I guess. When you give players the option to do stealth kills, and provide close range shooting options, it needs to work just as well. Thankfully this is budget priced, so it softens the blow (Current Gen $39.99/New Gen $49.99). The X-Ray shots still look great, and the options to kill have expanded. Give the game a look. Scope it out for yourself.

Sniper Elite III Gets


3.5 Out of 5


What’s Legit?

+Enhanced X-Ray Options

+Tight Sniping Controls

What’s Perpetrating?

-Close Quarters Combat Needs Work


-Wobbly A.I.


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