Level-Start 19: Are You Bro Enough?

This week we talk about Broforce, a fun new indie action side-scroller. Why Is Kinect for PC so freaking expensive? T-42 hooks it up with more bundle deal info than you can handle. We also look at Wing Commander/X-Wing tribute game “Wings of Saint Nazarre”. All the real talk right here, right now. Level-Start!

#LevelStart @PlayLegit


2 thoughts on “Level-Start 19: Are You Bro Enough?

  1. I think Microsoft are desperate regarding the Kinect. It flopped on the Xbox despite all the resources they pumped into developing it. It was unpopular with console gamers so they are now forced to see if it will take off on the PC. Some programmers have done cool stuff with the device so maybe it will succeed in the computer market. Selling it for £100 more is cheeky though.

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