Indie Spotlight: Hatch-It!

hatchit2Real Talk By: KJ

Indie games have helped the industry in a big way. The market has never been bigger for them. They are coming from all around the world. In the Great State where Play Legit is based (Ohio), One of the local studios (Multivarious Games) is working on a new title called “Hatch-It!”. This is a puzzle game in-which you guide a little robot through prehistoric levels. Hatching, and freeing dinosaurs is the main goal. In fact the bot’s inventor Dr. Tyrannosaurus needs all the help his machine can give, as he tries to prevent a major disaster. Of course the difficulty will continue to rise, as will the incentives for extended play. Dr. T has his work cut out indeed.

Unlock abilities like shields, and other upgrades along the way. Knowing what to equip before jumping into an area, is part of the strategy. Players will have to plan each move. Your character runs on fuel, and It will deplete. The pick up and play mechanics will make it easy for all gamers to boot up. Nearly 50 levels are in development, that will span across five different worlds. Hatch-it will be dropping onto iOS devices in the fall. You’ll be able to play with ads for free. At an affordable $0.99 pricing, remove them all-together. If they can reach their Kickstarter goal, this puzzler could wind up on Android, PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and Vita systems.

It’s cool to see a Puzzle game with an actual plot, and a unique one at that. Support Indie developers local, and abroad. These Men and Women are without a doubt, the future of this industry. Their ideas and efforts are needed in a time when the mainstream is dominated by over-hyped re-treads. You can hit the link below to play the alpha build for yourself. Un-hatch this affordable and stylish title.

Check out Hatch-it!

Special Thanks to Jillian Chastain


 #HatchIt @PlayLegit

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