The Order 1886 New Video Has Werewolves

Staff members from Ready at Dawn break it down. The work that went into designing these Werewolf villains is thoroughly explained. See how the power of the PS4 helps convey their message. R.A.D wanted to make the beasts as if they could have possibly lived among us. Vex mentioned in the Special E3 Level-Start show, he wasn’t sure if the enemies having the ability to speak would make them scarier. Would it take away from the potential frights? That’s an interesting way to look at it. It all Depends on what is being said in the game. We will all find out when The Order 1886 drops early 2015.

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2 thoughts on “The Order 1886 New Video Has Werewolves

  1. I’m still sold on this game yet. The graphics are nice, but I don’t know if this is the game that will make me go out and buy a PS4.


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