Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift


Real Talk By: KJ

Once we hit the graphical plateau in gaming, what’s next? Most likely Virtual Reality/Holographic styles of play. It’s crazy to think about. Yes we’re seeing the earliest stages in action already. But, Im talking about the day these items get out into the public. When they are as polished as the current gaming consoles. Well, I take a look at one of the most popular peripherals today: The Oculus Rift.  This is a solid step towards that future. It lets you see all around. So move your head to look at everything, survey the area, as you would normally. My first glimpse was at an Anime/Gaming Expo known as ColossalCon. That was a basic showing to say the least. Anime characters were dancing to some pop music. Nothing really major to report.

The next day I was given an inside look by a good friend of mine. This is when it got real. You’re taken on a roller-coaster ride. How it pulls you up slowly, then falls was incredibly similar to reality. I was looking at everything differently, appreciating just how high up i was. Wow, this was a cool, yet fun tech demo. My mind did begin to wonder off into an idea zone. How cool would a Roller-coaster Tycoon game be with this technology. Let your eyes rest up for a bit. Design the ride of your choice on the PC. Put the glasses back on, and test it out inside the rift. The Gameplay possibilities are intriguing. What other titles could benefit from this technology, in ways that have yet to be discovered? This is the best industry to be a part of. More ways to play seem to keep opening up.


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5 thoughts on “Eyes-On With The Oculus Rift

  1. I will say this. I had the first dev kit for a while to play with and it was a fantastic adventure. The tech is only going to get better. Playing Team Fortress 2 on this thing was a trip and I can’t wait for the future of this technology.


  2. The headset is bigger than I imagined and makes the user look like Cyclops from the X-Men.

    What games will make use of the technology first? Porn ones I suspect…


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