Rant-table: Who Won E3 2014?


Some of the Play Legit Crew give their thoughts on this year’s E3. Which of the Big three showed their dominance this year? This discussion gets very heated. Step onto the battlefield but be warned, chaos awaits.

Vexamillion: I wanted new IP’s announced. Most of the companies relied heavy on decade old franchises plus there were a lot of leaks Pre-E3, that killed some excitement.

Ms. Throwback: Overall this E3 wasn’t as exciting as past years but I was really excited for Nintendo. I like that they are saying “hell with everyone, you don’t wanna make games for us? We will make them!” I was impressed by splatoon, that game could be online multiplayer gold! Plus the claymation style Kirby game. Iwata vs. Reggie Kung Fu battle was entertaining as heck! The usual franchises look fantastic and top-notch as usual. Bring it on Zelda and Yoshi. Too bad we have to wait until 2015 for this stuff.

T-42: Sony was a close second but most of the people I talked to thought this E3 was a major let down. Microsoft sucked, all the other cool stuff was actually from stuff like Ubisoft and Nintendo and other game developers.

As cool as it was to see stuff on Star Wars Battlefront it was a damn dev video that really didn’t do much but say hey this game is going to be awesome.

This was a Nintendo and PC win by a long shot. Honorable mention goes to GTA 5 being released on PC. Vex I beg to differ. They all need improve, but in regards to games Microsoft really put a better effort this year. Sony lost track and Nintendo. Well the Big N rested heavily on their same ol.

Ms. T:  Nintendo’s “same ol” is amazing though. Microsoft and Sony? Yeah, thanks for more eye candy smoke blowing bullcrap. Talk about “same ol”.

T-42:  Think you said it best man before about decade old franchises, I thought that out of Microsoft and Sony, Microsoft used the play-it-safe card. besides who the hell wants another Call of Duty, and we already knew about it and Halo 5. Honestly Halo is getting old even 4 was a let down. I think Nintendo doing the show floor only with stuff at local Best Buy’s is a win.

Ms. T: It’s genius hardware selling strategy as well. Play smash bros in best buy, buy it on 3DS in three months, love it so much you tell all your friends that don’t like Nintendo. They see a commercial on TV, they played it, saw it, heard about it, three senses? That’s a go! They buy the system and the game bundle, omg toys? Amiibo’s? Mom I need them. All of them! Genius I tell you. Pure and simple.

T-42: Last year Sony dropped a bomb with Kingdom Hearts 3, This year we all really didn’t care that an Uncharted 4 was coming even though it looks great, it wasn’t big news not like last year.


Vex: Matter of opinion, but Halo could use a year break. At least we don’t see chief in just about every Microsoft release. They need new characters at Nintendo or at least games for other classic characters, they keep leaning on the same ones. At least step the graphics up, it’s 2014. The show was versatile for Microsoft but people hate to give them credit. Everything from shooter to indie, kids and adults have much to look forward to this year not just in 2015. To me Sony lacked class this year, and was rather boring. Nintendo had IP’s that sparked my interest, but nothing that I would consider mind-blowing and exciting. Overall im grading them on more than just games but the quality of the presentation as well their ability to improve from years prior.

T-42: What? Nintendo’s stuff is all going HD now so I am pretty sure they are good and the fact that more 3rd party games are going to their console as well speaks a lot.

Vex: On that note DVDs are considered HD but can’t hold a candle to Bluray. Straight up Nintendo needs a real next-gen system not just a tablet with last gen graphics.

Ms. T: Vex say what? They created new characters for splatoon, so you can’t say they are just sticking with the same characters and toad is getting and entire game. There’s your game for another classic character, maybe Hyrule Warriors is overkill. Maybe. Did you see the visuals for Zelda? Are you kidding me? Even Mario Kart 8 is amazing looking, the graphics argument isn’t even valid.

Really neither is the “well you don’t see Sony and Microsoft overusing characters” that because they don’t have characters near epic enough to use like that. Or they would. Everywhere!

T-42: We all knew about Project Spark, but to show that Conker was in it was a slap in the face to not give us a new game.

KJ: It felt like I was being trolled.

T-42: I’ll break by saying it was better than last years. Ubisoft’s press conference on the other hand was actually pretty nice. Not to mention Mo was in the just dance trailer.


Vex: I want all of them to do well, but honestly this year even with Halo in the mix there is not one thing that blew me away. It’s not just their fault but the media as well with all these leaks. The industry is indeed in need of change. Someone needs to light a fire under their ass, but they also need positive recognition when they improve.

Ms. T:  Now that’s some good preaching right there Vex.

J.Valdez: Damn, I missed a lot. I actually just missed E3 in general.

J.V: I saw Pac-man is now in smash bros. And the last of us remastered looks amazing. That’s it.

Ms. T:  Valdez wtf man!
Vex: So you missed the Lil’ Boosie Karaoke Kinect game announcement?

J.V: Ha ha. I didn’t see a single conference. I feel like I let myself down

Ms. T:  It’s most likely for the best

J. Valdez: Sounds like it wasn’t that great.

Ms. T: It’s no 2006 status that’s for sure.


KJ: Well Sony’s was great for the future. They have some serious Game of The Year titles on deck. The future was laid out with Playstation Now. A Smart TV and a Controller. That’s all a person will need? Hot! It’s too bad the bulk of their gameplay presentations were predominantly multiplatform games. If I wanted that I would watch EA or Ubisoft’s feed. Yes, Sony might have netted an exclusive mission or an early beta, but the core game can still be found elsewhere. But in 2015 the other two may need to duck for cover. At least Little Big Planet 3 is on tap for this year. Pretty sure it’s going to be great.

Microsoft has titles im interested in 2014 big time. Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo Anniversary looks crisp with 100 maps. That’s a lot of levels! Nintendo: Super Smash Bros. 4, Hyrule Warriors, Hopefully Devil’s Third Comes out this year. I just saw a lengthy multiplayer video on that. It’s built for hardcore fans. I will say none of them knew how to close the show. MS you ended with the announcement of another Crackdown. What was the Metacritic rating on that series again? Ay Sony, last year you announced Uncharted 4 (of course im excited for it but hello!). Where’s that Last Guardian info. Nintendo you end with another SSB4 trailer with a character from Kid Icarus. No disrespect to Palutena, but if you’re going to end with more Smash Brothers news, don’t you think that would have been the time to drop Pac-Man’s appearance? The character is kind of big deal. He’s the reason I’m even talking to you all. I forward to playing everything the industry has to offer, but these guys all need to arrange a show better. It’s all about that last impression you leave on folks. Nobody did that for me.

Who do you think won this year’s E3?

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3 thoughts on “Rant-table: Who Won E3 2014?

  1. I would grade them like this

    Sony – C+
    Microsoft – B
    Nintendo – B+

    All of the other shows were impressive, but I enjoyed Nintendo’s the most this year. I’m definitely getting a Wii U now. I haven’t seen anything from Sony that would make me want to go out and buy a PS4 yet and that’s disappointing.

    I’m really looking forward to playing all the Halo games on my Xbox One and I’m really looking forward to Halo 5.

    I’m hoping Crackdown blows me away and I’m super excited to jump back into Phantom Dust. Am I the only one that knows what that game is?

    Overall I would say E3 was decent, but not amazing. Then again I’ve never seen an amazing E3 in my life.

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