E3 1995 Sega Saturn

Real Talk By: KJ

Are you ready for the future? The Sega Saturn in 1995 was poised to bring only the best Arcade and console gaming experience. Earth shattering graphics and all, at 32 Bits. Well as you can see from this E3 95′ promotional video, the lineup had something for everyone. Now-classic “Panzer Dragon” is still very hard to find, as another sequel is still highly desired from fans. Foreground/Background shifting platformer “Bug” amazed everyone, including Stephen Spielberg and his Children (Source: Entertainment Tonight). I remember this video at the time. While the system was far out of my price range, I couldn’t help but reminisce on the good times playing with friends. Die Hard Arcade, Guardian Heroes, The Saturn did it right. Well, at least until Sony started rolling. But I have to be honest and say the Sega Saturn Lady in this video creeped me out.

Special thanks to the YouTube community.

#E3 @PlayLegit


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