Sony E3 2014: Bullet Point Truth


KJ and Cmack here to drop some more truth. We watched the Sony Press Conference. Key highlights from the near two-hour show are below.

  • “Destiny” Alpha Begins This Thursday. White PS4 Bundle Available September 9th. Comes with the game and a 30 day code for Playstation Plus.
  • A breathtaking Video of “The Order 1886” showed a gameplay/cinematic mix, which featured some cool looking dark environments and great lighting work. The creature design sparked my curiosity, and had me wondering what the beast was: ogre, werewolf, or something else? Either way, while interesting we won’t find out more until 2015.
  • “Infamous First light”. This is Stand Alone DLC coming this summer. Players can Pre-Order now.
  •  “Far Cry 4” trailer was shown off, displaying some cool environments and co-op gameplay. It looks like they might have taken some inspiration from the recent Tomb Raider remake and the Uncharted series. An interesting feature promised is the ability to include players on Playstation that don’t own the game itself.
  • “Little Big Planet 3” on PS4. Sackboy is getting some major help. New character Oddsock can wall jump. Toggle is the biggest and strongest of sack’s homies. He can also shrink. Swoop can fly and get to high places, and lift characters up with him. Looks like each new ally will be unique to the group. LBP3 drops this November.
  • Several games from Devolver Digital are coming to PS4 First. “Hotline Miami 2” and “Broforce” were some of the titles on that list.
  • Suda 51 is bringing an exclusive game to PS4, focusing on brutal horror based combat. “Let It Die” is coming in 2015. This trailer below isn’t for the kids.
  • Hello Games “No Man’s Sky” took viewers on an epic space traveling journey. No two people will have the same experience. Gamers will spawn on different planets. The unpredictability NML will offer is going to make for fun times, and great worlds to explore. The wide variety of colors and smooth graphics joined, have our interest completely.
  • PS4 gamers will hit the share button, and upload clips directly to their YouTube Account shortly.
  • Free To Play Games are going to be better on PlayStation 4. 25 games are coming soon. “Kingdom Under Fire 2” was one of them. PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 will all get in on F2P fun.
  • “Playstation Now” is coming to All three PS consoles and Select Smart TV’s as well. All you will Need as a DualShock 4 controller and your good to go. Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ratchet and Clank Into The Nexus will be some of the titles going into the beta mode. Stream and Play Soon.
  • “PlayStation TV” is arriving stateside and will be available for $99. The Now Service and other video streaming apps can be used through it. Original Programming and all. TV series “Powers” based on the comic book, will be one of the shows to look out for. PS Plus subscribers will be able to watch the show free of charge. It will be nice to see if there will be shows based on existing Sony Video games.
  • Right here, gamers were given their first real look at Mortal Kombat X. Will Kratos rejoin the cast? We think it’s a great idea. Along with these crazy new characters displayed prominently in the video, MKX is looking like it will match the hype.
  • PS4 Version of “The Last of Us” Impressed gamers all over again. July 29, 2014 is the drop date of this re-release.
  • MGSV The Phantom Pain Was Given another trailer.
  • “Grand Theft Auto V” is coming to Playstation 4 This Fall. Online progress will be transferable. The clip shown at the presentation was used entirely on Next-Gen hardware. PC and Xbox One users will be getting it too.
  • Rocksteady dropped a video of real gameplay for “Batman: Arkham Knight”. It shows how gamers will cruise around the city of Gotham when it drops in 2015. Scarecrow exclusive nightmare missions are only available on the PS4 build. But we want it now!
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End dropped jaws. Knowing that everything was captured from the console, and Naughty Dog’s sharp track record, U4 isn’t a hard sell. 2015 is the year it happens. Will this be Drake’s last ride?
  • Multiplatform games, with exclusive content seemed to be more of a priority this time. But, the complete world of entertainment is getting very interesting now that PS TV is coming stateside. PlayStation Now will make gaming convenient for even the most casual player. The future looks bright. How about the present? We would have liked to hear more news about this year’s exclusives. At the same time a lot of winning is going to take place in 2015.

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