Microsoft E3 2014: Bullet Point Truth

Cmack and KJ Are here to Break down only the realest highlights you need from Microsoft’s E3 2014 Presentation. No punches will be pulled. Is Xbox One ready to take over?

  • Coming this summer, Gamers will be able to track achievements with the snap feature. See how close you are to getting 100 headshots, while playing the game simultaneously.
  • TJ combo confirmed for killer instinct. In the trailer ends he’s focused on another character. There seems to be a little bit of heat building in the background. Wonder who it could be. Season 2 is coming this fall.
  • Forza Horizon 2 will have no lobbies, just an open to explore. Forza 5 was one of the lightest in the series on content. Hopefully Turn 10 will have more stuff packaged release day.
  • Host mentions the focus on games, immediately goes to Call of Duty. Advanced Warfare is going a total sci-fi direction, however they seem held back by the CoD title. I’d be more excited about if it were a brand new title. With this departure, it might as well be.
  • After Forza, they showed footage from 4 vs 1 shooter “Evolve”, which has a promising concept that lets you possibly play as the monster/enemy.
  • Another Assassins Creed (Unity) has been announced. While it looks interesting, with an Assassin’s Creed every year, I have to wonder how much the gameplay will be innovated. However, they have apparently added a multiplayer/NPC back up, with other assassins running around assisting. We at Play Legit would like to see team/assist assassinations, or special co-op scenarios similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction, but between 4 players. To be clear, it still looks good and a lot of fun to play, however I feel as if Assassins Creed could definitely benefit from the development team taking a step back to work on ideas and concepts, and maybe devoting themselves to a new Prince of Persia.
  • Trailer for Sunset Overdrive, which looks just incredibly fun. The protagonist in the trailer reminds me of Deadpool, and it would be amazing if Deadpool could make an appearance. The gameplay style and world looks very well crafted, and amazingly creative. This could definitely be the new consoles solid 3rd person game yet.
  • Announcement Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + a, A hilariously named download pack that pokes fun at the infamous multiple versions of Street Fighter 2. It includes some great costumes and an all new 4 player co-op mode. This is exactly the kind of updates to games that we’ve always expected with the DLC generation. At a reasonable 10 dollars, this is much better than just a pack of costumes as it adds a whole new dimension and replay value to Dead Rising 3.
  • Announcement/trailer for a new Fable. While it boasts some good graphics, cool looking characters, and neat multiplayer, but the exaggerated presentation by the host made it sound as if the game would change the face of gaming (he even said something like that), when really, the new Fable offers a real-time strategy mode that allows you to play as the villain. The addition of another game mode that is an established genre is not some major game changer.
  • Project Spark add-ons were revealed. Hey Microsoft, you need to actually make a full Conker’s game and not put the responsibility of making it on us.
  • A Halo collection pack was made official. It will chronicle the entire story up until now. The claim is that the graphics have been upgraded, but the gameplay style of Halo 2 has been kept in tact. While I’m not always a fan of re-releases, it appears they’ve put a lot of work into the collection, and boasts 100 multiplayer maps, so it does seem like for a major Halo fan, this is a must have.
  • Gameplay trailer of new Indie title “Inside”, which looks like a cool side scrolling stealth game with some very interesting level designs and gameplay features.
  • New Tomb Raider “Rise of the Tomb Raider” announced, but no gameplay shown, still looks promising.
  • The Witcher 3 announced, this series has never personally caught my attention, but this addition with the balance between magic, melee combat and the character modeling looked very solid. We hope to see more from this soon.
  • Trailer for “Scalebound” by Platinum Studios, which has some interesting and cool concepts visually, but no gameplay yet. Considering the last few games Platinum has turned out, I have faith this will be solid, but it’ll still be nice to see what it plays like.
  • New cutscene only Crackdown trailer, which had some fun moments, however I’m frustrated that it’s just called “Crackdown”. There are only 2 other Crackdown games, and they weren’t made that long ago. This is a continuing trend in modern entertainment where new editions in a series has the same title as previous entries.Hopefully this will change soon.
  • Overall, ending with the Crackdown trailer was a weak choice, capping things off with a stronger title such as Halo or Tomb Raider would’ve been a good idea, however Microsoft did have a number of exclusives featured in their presentation, which is important in establishing the difference you can get between one console to another.

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