Play Legit’s ‘Trailer of The Week’ Needs To Get Over Here!

Real Talk By: Cmack The Don

So the new installment of the legendary fighting games series Mortal Kombat dropped its first teaser/trailer this week, and the buzz is already circulating about this being huge for the longtime franchise. In the trailer, we see a brutal battle between two of the series icons in a dark forest. We see aggressive attacks, powerful variations of their classic techniques, and a lot of use of the environment, which interested this reviewer a lot.

Gamers often complain that announce trailers often don’t showcase true gameplay, and aren’t an honest reflection of what the finished product will be, but watching this trailer a few times, I think that beyond building hype and excitement (and with over 5 million views at the time of writing this on Youtube, I think it’s done that), this piece is meant to showcase the concepts that creators want to incorporate into the series.

Even though we don’t have official gameplay yet, looking at the way the camera moves and highlights a lot of the new things each of them are doing, I’m almost positive that the counters and use of the environment aren’t just flare for the teaser, and that we will see some new mechanic like this in the completed game. The last highly successful installment, MK9, featured the new “X-Ray” moves, and we see them show up here, looking better and more brutal than ever. I think the development team wanted to think of something new they could add like how they added X-Rays before, and I’m excited to see some of these gameplay concepts show up in the final product. We here at Play Legit are definitely excited to see more!

2 thoughts on “Play Legit’s ‘Trailer of The Week’ Needs To Get Over Here!

  1. Oh my god, im going to DIE! I mean, I probably will, I hope my death to life ratio is decent but you never know. Anyway OMG I cannot wait for this game! Jax my man! I’ll be lookin for you dude!


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