Monthly High Scores I May 2014

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May 2014 was a crucial month for comic book fans. Mario Kart came through in the clutch, and a monster movie legend returned. Take one last look back. See what earned Game of the Month/Trailer, along with other happenings in the world of entertainment. Who landed on the Arcade Cabinet with the highest score?

Game of The Month Mario Kart 8 800000 Points


Mario Kart 8 amps the series with more power-ups, and customization options. Whether it’s a New Stage, Character, or Vehicle, The unlocks just seem to keep cranking. A game could have all the bonuses in the world, but the gameplay has to be tight. MK8 feels like the most balanced out of the series. Limiting item pickups, and putting together challenging tracks, is all part of MK8’s smart design. The graphics are absolutely stunning. PS4/Xbox One quality and we mean that. We will have a full review later this week, but this is your Game of The Month.

X-Men Days of Future Past 700000 Points


Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer addressed errors from past movies, while churning out a quality film. DOFP included great scenes that showed our heroes using their abilities together. That hasn’t been done in X-Men movies enough. Wolverine’s time travel adventure was well explained. The Crew from First Class blended with the veteran cast just fine. From start to finish the film just flows. The story has been cleaned up in a major way. This is for the better considering the threat that looms in the horizon. Xavier’s squad will need all the help they can get.

Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist 600000 Points

BoTHYaNIEAA7Fff.jpg large

We knew big time Hollywood studios would continue to botch The Street Fighter story if possible. Thankfully Director and Fight Choreographer Joey Ansah stepped in. His fan short SF: Legacy was well received. The action scenes came off smoothly. Now on Machinima a full series would release. It would drop in May. In SF Assassin’s Fist, We get to know Master Gouken. How he raised Ryu and Ken as his own. His Brother Gouki’s fall from grace. The characters mirror their game counterparts. This can also be said about the signature moves. You could tell SFAF was filmed with the Fans in mind. Check it out.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 500000 Points


So critics panned the movie you know, because it was popular to do. Vex says “Many complained about the amount of villains in the film, I want to know what movie they actually saw because the film I watched had a purpose and logical reason for each antagonist. The seeds were planted properly for the next phase in the series. In order to compete against other Marvel movies the franchise has stepped up in every way imagined. This puts the previous iteration to shame in every form.” True comic book fans will appreciate the accuracy of the Spider-Man character captured on the big screen. A solid outing from director Marc Webb.

Godzilla 400000 Points


The Hype train was huge. Fiat commercials, Snickers ads, a free Smartphone Game. Well, Godzilla did enough to land on this list. The Creature design of Godzilla looks great. There simply wasn’t enough of him on-screen. This would have worked if the human story-lines were more entertaining. Still filled with fun moments despite the gripes. When the Monstrous fight happened, it delivered. Most importantly, it erases the Jurassic-Park-Poo from 1998 out of memory. We absolutely look forward to a part 2. Who will he face or team up with next?

Trailer of The Month: Sunset Overdrive 300000 Points


We received our first legitimate look at Sunset Overdrive. Set in 2027, players will battle against a corrupt corporation by any means. You will fight against crazy mutants who are fueled by Super Energy Drinks. Since it’s developed by Ratchet and Clank developers Insomniac Games, expect some insane weapons. Some revealed were Roman candle, and Teddy bear guns. This cartoonish world is going to shine in next-gen. The gameplay reminded us of Jet Grind Radio and Dead Rising. We shall find out the verdict when the game drops this fall.

Arrow Season 2 Finale 200000 Points


Oliver Queen would finally duel with his arch-nemesis Slade Wilson. Arrow has been one of the most improved shows this year. More Heroes and Villains were introduced, but the show never felt over-crowded. Deathstroke’s Mirakuru powered super soldiers, are wreaking havoc on Starling City. The Arrow must make special alliances to stop the threat before all is lost. This was a fun finale that answered a lot of questions, while building the foundation for future stories. During the show, the viewer was treated to a preview of The Flash TV series. Both are set in the same universe. We look forward to more crossovers, and excitement in Season 3.

Mountain Dew ‘Baja Blast’ Hits the Streets 100000 Points

baja blast

The Mountain Dew flavor enjoyed by many, was exclusive to Taco Bell fast food joints. However, this summer only Baja Blast is hitting the streets. Several gamers do the dew, so naturally this is a big deal. With Game Fuel Branded Cola dropping every year from the same company, clearly they know what the people need. Dear Pepsi, extend the promotion. Summer isn’t good enough. We need this!

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