Stick It To The Man Review (Wii U, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PC)


Real Talk By: KJ

You play as Ray. A character who’s just had a large crate drop on top of him. He awakens with a special ability. A super power in-which he can read people’s minds. Not only that, a purple arm/hand is attached to his dome. The tricky part is that only he can see it.

The presentation is clean. Graphics are Paper Cut-out style. This looks really cool, especially with the film grain combo on top of that. It’s a bizarre art direction that works in Ray’s world. Think Paper Mario/Film Noir. This style is even factored into the gamplay. Stick it to the man is a fitting title as players will use stickers found in levels to get through various puzzles. Peeling back, ripping and folding Paper within the environment reveals secrets.

You can get this game on PS3, PSVita, PC. The Wii U version may be the best of the pack. Players will move the gamepad around, and scan NPC’s brains. It never feels gimmicky, just another way to make use of the system. Reading minds will give players clues, but more importantly give them a good laugh. There are a lot of well delivered one liners here. Speed up or Rewinding dialogue is a plus. This way you can replay some hilarious quotes, or bring it back if you’ve missed something crucial.

Platforming could be a little smoother. It’s really easy to misjudge a jump. Also when reading minds, and swipping items out of people’s brains, It is a cool option. Problem being, its easy to grab the wrong thing. SITTM is also a bit on the easy side, considering the punishment for dying is non-existent. Evil Agents will attack, but they should pose a better threat to Ray. The game has 10 chapters. Unfortunately the story is over before you know it.


The Purple arm that calls your brain ‘home’, can extend. Players can swing to far away places with it, and of course escape from enemies. Agents working for ‘The Man’ will try to grab Ray throughout the game, so dodging them with your mind is key. The baddies want what is inside his head.

Your Ears will be treated to some fine sounds. Excellent big band style up-tempo music matches the style of the game. Its stuff you would want to have on a CD/iPod for personal use. High quality.

While it’s a short title, gamers could play through it again just to hear some of the funny one-liners. It isn’t the hardest game you’ll play, but one that should be experienced. This is a unique title to add in your library, and a fun take on Point and Click games. Stick it to the man’s score is raised due to it’s undeniable charm and affordable price.

Stick It To The Man Gets


4 Out of Five


What’s Legit?

+Art Direction

+Nice Soundtrack

+Superb Writing

What’s Perpetrating?

-Too Short

-Pretty Easy

#StickItToTheMan @PlayLegit


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