The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time #2 Gears of War 2


The Locust threat would increase. A city would fall. Gears of War 2 had A Summer Blockbuster feel. The game was filled with great action segments. Memorable Cole Train one liners, and more smart remarks from Baird. Newer characters added to the experience as well. Tai kaliso was a soft-spoken warrior focused on the mission. Dizzy Wallin brought his southern swagger and huge cigars to the party. The developers were able to make these new allies fit right into the narrative seamlessly. Following the death of General RAAM in gears one, the evil-doer void needed to be filled. Again Epic got the job done. Enter Scorge. His Dual Chainsaw staff, and Dreadlocks was a deadly combo. Voodoo grunts known as Kantus could perform spells that would help their allies. Tickers were fast creatures that made creepy snapping sounds. They blew up on impact. Multiplayer was again fantastic. Maps would impress, and old favorites returned. Featured Gears 1 stages were changed in some way so it didn’t feel like a half-baked effort. Popping in and out of cover, grabbing the many power weapons. Going through the various competitive modes. This is what kept gamers dialed into Gears 2. One Major Coop feature would influence many other game companies. Horde Mode. Players took on Waves of enemies. Difficulty levels would climb, Boss Battles were thrown in. This was a great party mode online or off. Gears of War 2 made the survival mode hip again. Showed off the Unreal Engine in all its glory, and gave us a fun campaign. Did we mention Chainsaw Bayonet duels? Enough said.

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