The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time #4 Halo 3


Players took on the flood, and closed out the original Halo trilogy in style. Oh the anticipation. The Toys, the Game Fuel. Many bought open-world game ‘Crackdown’, just so they could get a taste. On the disk there was a download key for Halo 3’s beta. After weeks of testing, and months waiting, it was time to “Finish The Fight”. This would be the First Appearance of Master Chief on Xbox 360. Picking up after part 2, we were thrust back into the action. Explosive set pieces and rock-solid voice acting, was part of the thrill ride. The bulk of everyone’s time would be spent within the multiplayer. Each map pack released, made shootouts thoroughly enjoyable. Forge mode allowed players to manipulate Bungie’s stages then share it with friends. Some were so good, they were added into the regular matchmaking rotation. People constructed maps that mirrored older games in the series. The Replay viewer showcased H3’s best moments. Fans could watch highlights of Campaign and Competitive clips. These are the features in which 343 would use for Halo 4. This was the blueprint. It’s a guarantee gamers will be playing this for a long time. Well, at least until Microsoft pulls the plug again.

Number 3>

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