The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time #6 Halo 4


Using the blueprints Bungie left, Newly formed 343 Industries picked up the ball and ran with it. Master Chief’s Journey continued. The Spartan faced old and new threats alike. This made for interesting shootouts, since the lineup was so varied. Promethean Knights attacked, and dispersing mini turrets to confuse players. Some gave their comrades support with shields. Others would quickly teleport back and forth. You can imagine how fun it was dealing with them on ‘Legendary’ difficulty. Multiplayer was more modernized. Every character was able to sprint. Halo 4 was a much faster paced game in return. More vehicles and weapons were added. Players controlled a Mech Suit codenamed “The Mantis”. Exciting map packs released, along with the crazy modes Halo is known for. Spartan Ops episodes were bonus levels that added to the story. They were distributed through free and paid DLC bundles. Part 4 pushed the Xbox 360 to its limits graphically. There wasn’t a bad-looking area in sight. Great Graphics, Content, and Gameplay puts Halo 4 right on the list.

Number 5>

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