The Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of All Time



Real Talk By: KJ and Ms. Throwback

Between the amazing games available, it was hard picking the very best. With options like Fusion Frenzy 2 and Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster out in the market… Okay, but for real now. Microsoft kept the franchise that brought it to the dance alive. They teamed up with Epic to cover new ground. If you owned an Xbox 360 this generation had some goodies indeed. Let’s Begin our list with incredible games that stand right next to our top Ten. Here is our Honorable Mentions:

Forza Horizon

forzahorizonA Forza Spinoff that had style.

Dance Central 3

dancecentral3The best dancing game of this generation. Mo Chocolate would tell you the same.

 Shadow Complex

shadowcomplexFun MetroidVania gameplay, ‘Unreal’ Graphics, and an engaging plot.

Halo Wars


RTS on a console, and it’s great.

Gears of War


Perfected the Cover System in-which many games would emulate.

Number 10 Greatest Xbox 360 Game of All Time>

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