Godzilla (2014) Movie Review

godzilla7Real Talk By: KJ

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures Brings the world a new Godzilla. Would USA’s take on this Giant disappoint a second time? Review has some Spoilers!

An “accident” kills Joe Brody’s wife in this film. He has been deemed “crazy” according to the world. He spends 15 years trying to uncover the truth behind her untimely death. He knows the government is covering something up, but not the exact details. The opening Act is quite engaging as we find out what really went down. The bulk of this movie however, continues to focus 85 to 90 percent around humans. Meaning our live actors needed to put on a good show until Big G arrives. Was director Gareth Edwards able to pull this off?

It’s really a mixed bag. Bryan Cranston’s character collecting research, and trying to make his son believe in a bigger threat. That aspect of the movie was very enjoyable. The Breaking Bad veteran is truly one of Hollywood’s best. While his arc was of most interest, it was never really fleshed out. Do not let the advertisements fool you, this is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s film. Scenes with creatures nearly killing him, and other Close calls are sprinkled throughout. Those were set up well. The problem is that he gets most of the action. Quick shots of Godzilla are just teased in-between.

As uncovered by Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), we do know that Godzilla is here to restore the balance, not to hurt us. So get out of his way, let him destroy these evil monsters. The true villains are known as MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms). It’s a Male and Female duo. The monsters feed off nuclear energy. They take their hunger overboard, demolishing cities and everything along the way. The Military doesn’t know who to trust, or to bomb. Would they just listen to the good doctor?

-Warner Bros.

We understand the importance of building up characters. It was expected Since this is a movie from the human’s perspective. It just took too long to get going. People paid their money to watch A 60-year old Legend, not the Brody Bunch. When you finally see the Big Feller after the lengthy build, it doesn’t disappoint. Impressive fight sequences, that had classic touches from films of old, and the modern flair we would expect.

The Hype train was huge. Fiat commercials, Snickers ads, a free Smartphone Game. Well, Godzilla semi-delivered. The Creature looks great, we see him throw down a bit. There simply wasn’t enough of him on-screen. This would have worked if the human story-lines were more entertaining. Gareth Edwards needs to find the perfect balance in the inevitable sequel. Still filled with fun moments despite the gripes. It certainly erases the Jurassic-Park-Poo from 1998 out of memory.

Godzilla Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+USA Gets Godzilla Right

+Great Action Scenes

What’s Perpetrating?

-Dull Humans

-Not Enough Screen Time for The King of Monsters

-Wanted the Theme Song

#Godzilla @PlayLegit

-Warner Bros
-Warner Bros

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