Koerri Elijah, a native to Kenosha Wisconsin, is an online content creator, host and aspiring actor/comedian. He got his start gaming as wee lad, battling for controller time from his two older brothers. He would grow up playing Co-op classics; Sonic 2, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Mana, Streets of Rage and Joe & Mac would be some of his favorite titles from SEGA and SNES. Eventually he would get more time to play solo and complete his favorite games still to this day, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. As gaming grew, Koerri grew right along with it, sticking mostly to Nintendo and Sony consoles but would dabble with RTS titles on PC as well. Currently, he mainly plays titles on his PS4 but gets down on Smash Bros Wii U whenever someone’s not afraid to pick up the sticks. He can be competitive at times, but mainly just enjoys the thrill of a good match up.
Koerri is most known for his self titled Youtube channel, but has also hosted a syndicated radio show, and currently a podcast called “Oh Word? With Koerri Elijah.”

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Twitter: @KoerriElijah

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