PC Gaming Expert

T-42 is short for Tablefortwo. That’s his gaming handle. He’s Been on the gaming scene since the late 80s but his interests as of now are strongly in the PC gaming corner. That being said he has mad love for SNES and N64 games as well as Sega Genesis. Hunter is the host of the weekly video game news show Level-Start. and does live streaming for Play Legit on most Wednesdays.

A little bit on the origins of Level-Start. The show started as a weekly live show on Google+ with a good buddy of his known as RemembertheAGES or AGES for short (twitch.tv/remembertheages). They decided to continue working on individual projects and support each other that way. This is where KJ and Play Legit came in and took on the show and helped it to grow into what it is now, as it still grows.

T-42’s Top 5 games of all time as of right now are:

1. Super Star Wars Series on SNES

2. Half-Life Series on PC

3. The X-Wing Series for PC

4. Homeworld 2 PC

5. EVE Online

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