Founder and CEO

Sick of the same old opinions flooding the industry, KJ began sending quick audio messages to anyone on his friends list who would listen. He did short reviews every week. In the spirit of Samuel L. Jackson’s famous cursing, The “MF” Rating System Was Introduced. People kept telling him that he needed to make something out of this, or to “Take this show on the road”. So instead of just keeping it real to a select few, Mr. Jones opened up a WordPress account and Founded Play Legit. Bringing the same level of intensity in his current Articles and videos, no punches would be pulled. The Gloves are off!

KJ’s Favorite Console of All-Time is Sega Dreamcast, followed by Super Nintendo. He Loves Martial Arts Movies and Action packed games. Black Panther and Spider-Man are his favorite superheroes. He Loves Hip-Hop Pre-Autotune era, and is a former 2X WWE Champion.

Drop Knowledge

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