The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review


Real Talk By: Vex

We live in times when it doesn’t matter if your statements are true or false, as long as you get attention. Sad truly, but many a great product have endured this plight. Spidey not only faces a wide arsenal of enemies in his amazing sequel but spineless critics as well.

Many have panned the film sub-par in trying to generate attention to their name. Truthfully speaking, I consider this the best Spider-man film to date. I will confirm my opinion with facts and not reach for straws like others have done.

For starters the acting alone in the film is spot on. The characters felt genuine and reminded me of the comics I once read. The set pieces were glorious and immersive. The action was well-paced and the romantic parts of the film didn’t feel tacked on.


Many complained about the amount of villains in the film, I want to know what movie they actually saw because the film I watched had a purpose and logical reason for each antagonist. The seeds were planted properly for the next phase in the series. In order to compete against other Marvel movies the franchise has stepped up in every way imagined. This puts the previous iteration to shame in every form.

There is a respect one must have when dealing with an intellectual property and this film is a prime example. The way I felt after viewing the film reminded me of how I was blown away as a kid after reading a Spider-man comic. Most fans of Spidey have probably gone to see the movie, but if your on the fence still fret not. This is money well spent.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Great Action Scenes


What’s Perpetrating?

-Post Credits Scene


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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

  1. I haven’t watched the movie yet so I cannot comment on whether I agree or disagree with the critics. I wasn’t too impressed with the last movie though. Out of the live action films Rami’s Spider-Man 2 has been my favourite.

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