Child of Light Review (PS4, PS3, XO, X360, Wii U, PC)

childoflight1Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Child of Light is a two-dimensional platforming RPG, brought to life by the minds at Ubisoft.  COL is downloadable for just about every system one would have at their disposal.  Right away the player will notice subtleties about the title that put it in a category beyond your everyday download.   The art style is stunning, a watercolor painting splashed on a digital canvas.  The entire game is a working masterful art piece flowing along as the story progresses.  The game is placed in the year 1895 where Aurora, our main hero, contracts a terrible disease which causes her to fall to sleep.  Upon awakening she is in a mythical universe that she must now explore to find her fate, and to save her father.

The visuals of this game are unmatched in so many ways.  Character design is interesting and unique, making the player feel as if they are in a storybook type setting.  Besides the art style, many of the characters are painstakingly detailed.  The animation gives even more life to the storybook feel, characters move like they are in a pop-up book, pivoting at the hips and shoulders in an exaggerated motion.

The storyline takes you through Aurora’s childhood to a truly epic hero.  There is a lovely personality to the character that is rarely seen in the gaming world. (Dare I compare her to princess Zelda?)  Because of this, there is a sentimental value to the main character and story that I couldn’t help but appreciate.  Tiny details make this title amazing in so many ways.  The entire game dialogue is Shakespearean and rhymes, making it hard to take your mind away from.


There is seemingly no end to the exploration and puzzle solving in Child of Light.  Almost right away our character gains the ability to fly, letting her come into contact with mini bosses, items, and side quests.  Engaging in all Child of Light has to offer never becomes tiring or boring.  There is always something around the next turn for Aurora to explore.

Castles and Dungeons await our tiny hero, and the combat system Aurora uses is easy to grasp but rewarding in so many ways.  Taking hints from past similar titles has created a combat system that is spot on and flawless.  A bar at the bottom of the screen is essential to how the combat system works.  Each character in combat scrolls along the bar, if they are interrupted by being hit they go back to the beginning of the bar, keeping each fight unique and the difficulty level varied.

The control and menu systems are a happy balance of function and ease.  I never found using either difficult or stressful, which can be the case with many games in this genre.  Every item and action is organized in a neat and easily accessible manner, so that strategies can be planned with simplicity in the game.


As if all this wasn’t enough, the entire game can be taken head on in co-op with one player using Aurora and the other using her side-kick firefly.  Firefly can also be used in single player and is controlled independently with the right stick.  Not only can he help with the fight, but also helps in grabbing health and other essentials to a combat sequence, a guides us through dark caverns by providing light.

Everything about this game is new and beautiful in almost every way.  I never felt constricted or unsatisfied while playing the game and honestly I haven’t played a title this amazing in some time.  It’s a rewarding feeling and an experience I hope Ubisoft won’t soon forget.

Child of Light Gets:


Five Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Incredible Visuals and Animation

+Addictive Story Plot

+Easy to Use and Interesting Combat System

+Co-op Mode

+It Rhymes…It Just Rhymes

What’s Perpetrating?

-We Wanted More Than 12 Hours


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3 thoughts on “Child of Light Review (PS4, PS3, XO, X360, Wii U, PC)

  1. I downloaded this the other day and from what I have played it is fun. The gameplay tests your brain and I agree that the art style is very nice.

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