Activision is Spending The Big Bucks on ‘Destiny’


Real Talk By: KJ

That’s right people. Activision is putting a lot of faith into this new IP. As reported by Reuters, Activision Blizzard Inc is planning to spend $500 million in their entire campaign. This includes development costs and promotion. It appears that Bobby Kotick and crew are finally starting to look beyond Call of Duty. They must believe in the Bungie brand. It worked for Microsoft. The name does carry heavy weight among gamers. It is going to get pretty interesting in the fall. Destiny is coming September 9th.

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3 thoughts on “Activision is Spending The Big Bucks on ‘Destiny’

  1. It’s crazy how much money companies spend into developing AAA games. No wonder so many go bust when the gamble doesn’t pay off.

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      1. It really is, so much money goes into adds and PR and it gets over hyped, when that money could go into making the game better. I have not played Titanfall for example since after the 2 weeks it came out.

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