Ingress: Gaming in The Real World


Real Talk By: HecG

I had to share this unique experience with you. It has pretty much consumed my life to a certain extent. This game is called Ingress. This is a massive real-time online game made by Niantic Labs, which for now is through Android devices and is connected with Google Maps and Google Plus. It is in the process of being released for Apple’s iOS for this year.

The story is about a certain phenomenon called “Exotic Matter” (XM) which has been recently discovered. This energy has the ability to shape human thought and possibly time and space. An organization called Niantic which with their technology can interact with this Energy Portals that have this (XM). Because of this a massive war between two groups of people have erupted which are called the “Enlightened” which they embrace this energy and believe that it will serve mankind and the “Resistance” who want to stop this unknown phenomenon to save mankind.

When it comes to gameplay, the player with the Ingress App will have a layout of the map. It will vary depending on your location,  the map has a black layout it is unmarked except for the roads. You will be able to see Links, Exotic Matter (XM), Control Fields and Items that other players may drop. Players have to be physically close to the objects/portals so you can interact with it.

When a players do an action in the game, AP (Access Points) are rewarded. The more AP is accumulated the higher the player can level up (caps at level 8 right now). The higher the level means stronger weapons to hack, protect, or even attack opposite portals.

But the best thing I can honestly say about ingress is the people you meet. Players can be in your their cars, or walking around, and always find other people playing. Gamers will ask you: “Hey what’s your Agent name?” Ha ha, its great.

FYI if you see a bunch of sketchy people around in a circle looking at their phones, don’t worry and don’t panic, it’s just people doing some Ingress. For more info check the official site.

#Ingress @PlayLegit




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