The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #4 God of War 3

gow3God of War 2 Left us hanging, but three years later Kratos would return. The combat was the deepest in franchise history. As players progressed, unique weapons would be of great use. Each needed to be leveled up. The blades of chaos were finally rivaled, due to the supporting items being so awesome. Boss battles are the highlight of the game. From huge monsters, to standard sized enemies, it was always a welcomed challenge. One of our favorite fights was the brawl between Kratos and Hercules. The Son of Zeus was voiced by Kevin Sorbo. Nostalgia was running wild. That fight was epic, and ended with a deadly payoff. Executions have always been extreme, but with PS3 graphics it was magnified. Combat Arena mode expanded the gameplay. Gamers could set up rooms how they wanted. The enemy count, weapons in use, difficulty adjustments. Pick your poison. This is still one of the best looking games available, despite Next Gen consoles being on the market. GOW3 was a bloodbath, but it told a satisfying tale of one man’s journey towards revenge.

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3 thoughts on “The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #4 God of War 3

  1. The only GOW game I own is the second one and I never finished it. It’s not bad, but I think I got burned out by these type of games due to the Devil May Cry series.

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