‘The Evil Within’ Gameplay Footage Changes Things

Coming off the latest trailer, we have seen mixed reactions. Do you think the final version of this title will frighten gamers? Hopefully the gameplay mechanics work efficiently, then the rest will follow. Earlier videos of TEW were seat jumping affairs. Did the graphics take a hit to you too? Just saying. I still look forward to experiencing this story either way.


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One thought on “‘The Evil Within’ Gameplay Footage Changes Things

  1. The games graphics look abysmal, which is peculiar considering this is a gameplay trailer where enhanced graphics are a must. It isn’t resembling a horror so much as a haunted house type scenario- instead of jump scares we will be treated to an array of horrific scenes of gore and death and lashings of saw esque craziness. The game does show some promise, but its hiding behind its bad graphics and carefree, gory attitude instead of taking a more traditional horror root. This game in many ways reminds me of manhunt, which turned out to be pretty terrifying, not in jump scares but in its crazy enemies.

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