The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #7 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

NiNoKunips3goatThe Wizard writes: Hayao Miyazaki could be considered a living legend. Films like Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, My Neighbor Totoro, Lupin the 3rd, Porko Roso, and Grave Of Fireflies will stay with me my whole life.  In my opinion, the JRPG genre is getting stale. This game alone revitalized it. There are no random encounters you can see all the monsters Chrono Trigger style. In the cities and dungeon areas you go into a 3rd person view which is where the game looks amazing. In combat you free roam in an area. You can perform blocks, and counters by attacking right before the enemy hits you. It’s a changing game, yet rewarding. Anyway you look at it,  Ni No Kuni is a game not to be missed, and 10 years from now I bet will be one of the most desired games for collectors. One of the best RPGs ever.

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3 thoughts on “The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #7 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

  1. I have this game, but have yet to finish it. The Ghbli artwork is nice, but the constant fetch quests can get tiresome. The AI partners you get are also extremely thick in combat.

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