The Top 10 PS3 Games of All Time: #8 Killzone 2


Players were amazed by the E3 2005 video of Killzone 2. The graphics were incredible. Well, a few years passed. While the game didn’t look as good as the first video, we still had a visual masterpiece in our possession. Seriously. For a while this game was the console graphics king. Killzone part two had the best multiplayer on PS3. Even with everything going on, a typical lobby could hold up to 32 players at once. SixAxis was the bee’s knees back then, and this game took advantage. You could interact in special ways. Turning wheels and planting C4 were some of the actions gamers did to progress in the story mode. While short, this is arguably the strongest campaign in the series. Sweet set pieces made this an easy buy for action fans. It featured a cover system which intensified shootouts, and enemy AI that made users pay for mistakes. Dolby 7.1 sound treated your ears with great audio effects. The battle on Helghan was entertaining indeed. We firmly believe part two is still the best game in the franchise.

Number 7>

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