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Rant-table: Nintendo Direct February 2014


We’re at the table chatting about Nintendo Direct for the Month of February.

KJ: Little Mac from punch out was finally announced as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U.

Ms.Throwback: The last lineup of Smash Bros. Brawl was so good, that I don’t know what lineup would make it better. That’s an amazing announcement though.
KJ: I wonder who else will make the roster? Ive heard it’s not going to be as large this time.

Ms. T: Really? I hope that’s not true. In fact I hope it’s so big that they start having DLC characters. I doubt it but that would be the bomb. Duck hunt dog anyone?
KJ: Yes! He should use the zapper as a weapon.
Ms. T: What about Andross, Star Fox’s arch nemesis. He might make a good stage. Like you could fight while he shoots things out of his mouth around you!
KJ: I think that should be mandatory.

The Nintendo 3DS Got all the Love

KJ: so the direct was great. If you own a 3DS.
more details on Kirby Triple Deluxe and Yoshi’s New Island were revealed, along with some more downloadable titles. A Pokemon Puzzle game, and a Competitive mulitplayer Steel Diver Sequel to name a few.
Ms. T: Downloadable titles are more of what they need!
KJ: the concern is still high for the Wii U. What they showed off was more footage on previously announced titles.

KJ: Yes Donkey Kong country Tropical Breeze looks like a blast. Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, but nothing new far as $60 retail games are concerned.
Ms. T: And that’s just depressing especially when they know they are having a problem.
You’d think they would pull out all the stops.
Iwata could have said something to crush the “death” rumors. let people know that  its okay. We’re good on the 3DS front but I need more love on the Wii U end.

GBA on The Virtual Console


KJ: At least GBA games will be hitting the VC this spring.
Ms T: I totally respect that the CEO’s at Nintendo are taking a pay cut due to low Wii sales. I’ve never seen that from another company. We’ve been waiting for GBA games for a long time so that will be amazing!
KJ: What GBA titles do you need now?
Ms. T: Mario vs Donkey Kong, and Wario World 4. Bring it on. I would say Wario World Twisted but I don’t know if that can happen with this controller.
KJ: I could use some imports in my life, that weren’t accessible to us in the states.
The PlayStation Network has done that with PS1 Games so I think it’s a good idea.

The Final Verdict

KJ: Overall it was a decent direct, but it was a safe one.
The Wii U games we’ve waited on, guess what, they still look awesome, but the current landscape of the industry calls for more.
Ms. T: I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t just expand their development offices and push out excellent titles for the duration of a system. This first year sales suck thing, should be behind us.

Were you happy with this month’s Nintendo Direct?

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