Retro City Rampage DX Review (Nintendo 3DS)


Real Talk By: KJ

Take Grand Theft Auto and blend it with 8-Bit Gameplay. It’s a concept that worked. Retro City Rampage was already a hit on other consoles, and now the game arrives on the Nintendo 3DS. Were gameplay compromises made? Absolutely not. This is not only the game you remembered 2 years ago, but the various tweaks that occurred, are included in this port. More screen filter options and fairer gameplay. Also it’s at a $9.99 price-tag, making it the cheapest edition of the game but the biggest.

RCR:DX can be played in short bursts, or hours on end due to the gameplay variety. Cause chaos, blow stuff up. The game wants you to. What about those coppers though? Wipe the screen clean of police officers, one will drop a special coin. Grab it and receive a cloaking device. Keep a low profile for the duration, and come out of it home free. It’s satisfying this way, it feels like you’ve truly earned freedom. Driving has improved. The camera zooms out more making it easier to see. Whether you’re in a race or slamming into a break-dancing fool, it feels much tighter.

If you lived in the 80’s or 90’s, this is your game. Missions have such a nice variety filled with pop culture references from those eras. It seems like no major movie from those eras are safe. The retro-nods are a big part of the story mode, which has been tweaked too. More checkpoints have been included for blunders that may happen. Levels are still challenging but always reasonable. The whole experience has been remastered.


Plenty of weapons will keep you busy, and Rampage missions will put your arsenal to full use. Taking out as many guys as you can with a rocket launcher is one of them. Another sets the Player on fire and he must make everything else catch a blaze as well. This is just a taste of the 8-Bit variety that awaits gamers.

Shoot outs are better in DX with improved targeting, but there is still room for improvement. No Circle Pad Pro options either. Sometimes it’s hard to nail the exact person you were gunning for. I’ve died far more than I would have liked because of it. Unfortunately the 3D effect isn’t here either. Basically it is one man designing everything, so we can understand. It’s just I was spoiled rotten by other games like 3D Streets of Rage.  Couldn’t help but dream of the possibilities in this open world.

Small gripes aside, we truly have The Definitive Version of RCR. Little things like being able to switch your weapons, or Radio station with the touchscreen. Enhanced visuals, and more gameplay balancing overall helped out nicely. The changes made, are enough to bump this New Classic into a higher score than we previously issued. The game benefits from being on the small screen. Any newcomers who are looking to simply have fun, or just pay homage to the old school, it doesn’t get better. Retro City has come home on the 3DS.

Retro City Rampage DX Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Genius Missions

+Nice Presentation

+Great Music

What’s Perpetrating?

-Targeting System Still needs work

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2 thoughts on “Retro City Rampage DX Review (Nintendo 3DS)

  1. Hi, I am just looking at getting my hands on Retro City Rampage and wondered what platform (now that it is available on so many) would you recommend getting the game for? Im swaying towards PS4 or Vita, maybe more towards the Vita so that I can play it on the move.


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