Let Flappy Bird Fly.

Real Talk by J. Valdez

I can understand why you would take it down, honestly in your shoes I would be thinking the same thing. I’m not a big fan of negative attention either. But I think that if you take it down, you’re letting the haters of the internet win. All the haters that said your game was a copy, or talked about it being stupid, they would win. And honestly they win nothing, but you lose a lot. Right now I’m looking through twitter, and after your tweet (about 22 hours ago as of this sentence) I’m seeing a lot of people begging you to keep the game up. These are the people who should matter to you, they are the ones enjoying your game. The people who don’t like it are the ones that aren’t even playing it. And as a disclaimer I’ll add that I played your game, and I didn’t like it, but that’s just me. It just wasn’t appealing to my taste. I can however, see why other people like it, I’ve seen people play it competitively against their friends, and I’m sure others play it to kill snippets of time throughout their day like most people who play games on their smartphone.

If anything, people were most likely jealous of your success in the App/Play store. Few games get to the level Flappy Bird got to, and that seems to be what a lot of people are hating on. Your game, simple as it is, maybe beat theirs, or maybe beat someone else’s favorite game. And for some reason that seems to bother people enough to be vocal in their negativity. You shouldn’t let that bother you however, people will be negative, but there will be positives too. One big positive is the success of your game. That alone should be enough to continue. You will never be able to please everyone, but that shouldn’t stop you. It will be hard to ignore, and you’ll still probably get criticized by people who have nothing better to do with their time but be negative. But that’s just how people on the internet are, and with how some things on the internet work, this will probably all blow over in a couple of weeks.

P.S. My new high score is 14.

6 thoughts on “Let Flappy Bird Fly.

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with this article.

    I heard about this “Flappy Bird” earlier this week and merely shrugged the name off, as I didn’t know what anyone was talking about and at the time wasn’t too interested. Now that I’ve seen it: Okay, so they’ve used some graphics which are familiar… and okay, there’s not much else other than “Don’t hit the pipes”… But let’s be honest, this isn’t the first game of it’s kind and it plays absolutely fine. Hard, but fine.

    http://www.helicoptergame.net/ <- This seems quite similar 😉

    This is part of the problem, yet at the same time, part of the awesome-side of the internet. Everyone has an opinion. For good, for bad – Everyone has something to say… And people need to be able to understand that critique will be hard. Very hard at times.

    Sometimes, success just sucks! 😛

    Great article! 🙂


    1. Exactly, it’s not the first, and it wont be the last game to be called a copy cat. Honestly, to an extent I think thats a good way to get better games out. Someone may have a different execution to an idea, something that the original developer didn’t think of.

      I used to play the helicopter game back in highschool, it was one of the first things I thought about when I played flappy bird the first time.

      You’re right, sometimes it does suck, it shouldnt, but it does.

      thanks! Glad you liked it!


  2. I don’t even like this game at all, but guess what I’ve played it twice this week. Why not just charge .99 cents for it, at this point people will buy it based solely on the fact that they don’t want to lose it. Time to cash in buddy.


    1. I know I wouldn’t pay for it, but I’m sure a lot of fans would. Those fans will just have to be careful not to uninstall it.


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