Ohayocon 2014!

Real Talk By: J.Valdez

I finally got the chance to attend Ohayocon, my first con ever! It was great, I felt so out-of-place, but so at home, I’m sure it’s because I was missing a Costume. I got to take a lot of amazing pictures of the cosplayers. From Daenarys to Deadmau5, Princess Peach to Eclair Farron and Titans to Magical girls, there was a bit of everything to be seen, and the vendors were full of all the goods you could want. Enough of these words, here is the gallery you came to see.

@PlayLegit #Ohayocon

12 thoughts on “Ohayocon 2014!

  1. Did you manage to snag a lanyard? They all mentioned Anime Midwest as sponsors, and we have a killer guest list. Hopefully you’ll consider coming to Chicago to check it out – a perfect time of year, halfway around the calendar from Ohayocon.

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    1. I honestly hadn’t even checked the lanyard. I was a little too excited with the press badge lol. But this is cool! Definitely going to make plans, hopefully I can go.

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