Project CARS: First Thoughts

Real Talk By: Hec G

Scheduled to be released in 2014 it’s ‘Project Cars’, or as they like to call it ‘Project Community Assisted Racing Simulator’.

Just viewed the official trailer. Honestly it’s the most amazing video I’ve ever seen for a racing game to date.

The detail in the bodywork, the tracks, the sky and surroundings are just exquisite. Just by seeing the trailer there’s so many great things like old school NASCAR races, Le Mans. I even saw an E30 BMW M3.

Slightly Mad Studios are onto something big here. This game may just give GT and Forza a run for their money. Dare I say if this game is as good as the trailer, GT and Forza may lose me all together.

Are you excited for Project Cars?

@PlayLegit #ProjectCars


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