Blindfolded Gamers take on Punch-Out!!


Two gamers took on and defeated both retro boxing games. Sinister1 played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! and Zallard1 defeated Super Punch Out!! Both were blindfolded speedruns. This was part of The Awesome Games Done Quick Marathon. Its gaming for charity. Money earned goes to The Prevent Cancer Foundation. This thoughtful event has earned over $575,000 Dollars. Its great these guys were able to put their Neo-Matrix skills to fantastic use. Here’s the amazing footage right here. This is how you Play Legit. More titles were played by other great gamers, so make sure to check out everything.

@PlayLegit #PunchOut


2 thoughts on “Blindfolded Gamers take on Punch-Out!!

  1. I caught the Super Punch Out blindfold run, so so impressive. Two guys going head to head now running Ocarina of Time, so much glitchy fun. 😀


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