Game Mechanics That Drive Us Loco


Real Talk By: KJ

We enjoy playing games like everybody else, but it gets hard sometimes. Goofy design choices in video games, will pull a player right out of the experience. Some are huge. Corrupt DLC pricing methods (Forza 5), or even game breaking glitches (Batman AA). That is the big stuff. Today we’re talking about other issues that need to go away from gaming right now.

Inaccurate Way-points


Games like Assassin’s Creed IV:  Black Flag, especially Dead Rising 3 need to work on their Waypoints. Going from point A to B should be a fun adventure, not boring like in real-life. Don’t send us in a roundabout path to our destination. Missions with time limits, and other high stakes scenarios are usually challenging, but when a goal is unreachable due to lazy development, that’s where we have an issue. lets see an end to this now. Make our way clear.

Invisible Walls


Modern games have really shown off some nice scenery. I’ve said to myself on many occasions: “That looks cool over there, let’s check that out”. Then it happens. Bam! I’m cut of by a wall of invisibility. Some titles have the path blocked by either debris from a collapsed structure, or NPC’s. Both of those ways are acceptable, but not even trying, is what grinds our gears.

Unskippable Cutscenes


High profile games have been guilty of this. It’s frustrating if you’ve died in a level, only to restart the mission locked into the same video. We know that many developers will hide loading screens within the cutscene. But if im coming back from death to the same section, shouldn’t the files have loaded already? “Why can’t I skip this event!”. Some studios want you to see everything on your first playthrough of a game, only allowing you to skip scenes if the game has already been completed. We say, let the player decide.

What game mechanics drive you loco?

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2 thoughts on “Game Mechanics That Drive Us Loco

  1. Not being able to jump over low objects! Its even worse if you can actually go around it to get to whats behind it.
    Never ending waves of enemies! COD is the worst for this. Where do they keep coming from?
    Stupid AI teams mates!
    Games always relying on YOU! to do the work! Army/war game are the worst for this. Its always Go do this, take out that objective, rescue this person. I just want to stop and say “Hang on! We have an army here, what the hell are the rest of you doing?”
    “I’m not a qualified pilot, don’t ask me to get in that helicopter and bomb that house! Where are all the pilots? How did the chopper get here in the first place? Surely a pilot dropped it off. Why cant he do it!


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