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What’s the deal with NBA Live? Maybe it’s the disappointing E3 2013 video, (which looked nothing like the real gameplay footage). Whatever the case may be, sports fans have been frustrated with EA. Many thought a comeback from a four-year absence would fire up a company. We were hoping the downtime, would help their studio put out a product that could compete. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. PS4/Xbox One Launch title ‘NBA Live 14’ has been riddled with poor reviews, and even worse player feedback. This isn’t the end but changes have to be made. Much as we like NBA 2K, you need competition. It forces developers to stay mentally fresh with new ideas. Something EA Sports could really use on the court. Can NBA Live make a true comeback? Here’s our ideas:

$20 Dollar disk/download


If it was a 20 dollar disk/download, more people would be inclined to take a chance. In the end, this method would most likely earn more buys. At least from a graphics standpoint, it would have made more sense. I played the demo and the only thing that looked somewhat “Next-gen” was the menu screens. Possibly the shine effect used on character models, but that’s reaching. Launch Downloads like: ‘Crimson Dragon’, and ‘LocoCycle’ carry last-gen visuals, but they get a pass considering their budget pricing.

This price drop doesn’t have to represent a lack in quality. If you Remember back in the day, NBA 2K5 and NFL 2K5 released at $19.99 compared to the competitor’s $49.99 billing. Both 2k titles were great. Their football game is considered to be one of the best NFL simulations ever, even to this day. Live 15 could have a budget price, with a premium effort. It would be a great way to regain fan support.

Focus on the features


NBA Live had some solid 1 on 1 Play against Michael Jordan. Obviously it wasn’t the easiest task, but an epic challenge. This one of the most under-appreciated modes of past outings. If the core gameplay in the modern-day can’t compete, then add bells and whistles to the experience. Make all-star weekend a massive deal. Online Three point shootouts, skills challenges, the Slam Dunk Contest. I have yet to play an NBA game where the Dunk Contest controlled smoothly, maybe EA could capitalize on events like this.



During live’s leave of absence, EA put out a new NBA Jam series. These were well received. Capturing the arcade feel of the past, and implementing new game modes and moves, this was a must have for any gamer. Maybe they could continue to update jam, and include it with future copies of live. Double the action, and the fan base. Get simulation and arcade fans together. Ultra combo!

Or…. Just Drop Live again, and work on a New NBA Street

nbastree2Use the Ignite Engine to its fullest. Let’s have visuals matching EA’s future UFC title. NBA Street was always a good time. You were educated on the importance of top basketball courts, such as the famous ‘Rucker Park’. Players would cherry pick, and form unstoppable 3 on 3 squads. WNBA players were available to control, along with some unique new ballers. Stretch (Inspired by Dr. J) is one of the coolest characters ever. It was fun to school the young-bloods with him. Lets do it all again in the Next-Generation.

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