Killer Instinct Classic Review

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Real Talk By: KJ

Those of you who purchased the Xbox One Ultra Edition for $39.99, the hook-up was pretty epic. You received all 6 characters and early access to a slew of content. That’s all for the modern game. How about the old school? Players were also given a proper arcade port of the original (1.4 version and 1.5). That’s two versions of the same game. Point-four,  has several glitches in which players can exploit the game to their heart’s content. The other is the fine-tuned version of KI. All 10 characters are here. This isn’t the muddy looking SNES version. Not by a long shot. The visuals are far superior, in fact they still hold up now. The Pre-rendered graphics style is still paying dividends.

KI Classic saves your progress as you go which is useful. Even on easy mode, the later stages this game throws your way is guaranteed to push newcomers to the limit. Climb the ladder, and grab achievements. Earning is sweet in this game but it feels a tad hollow. Bad news. You can only earn offline. KIC has no online multiplayer at all, and it’s not available on Xbox 360. A tough pill to swallow for a large group of gamers who will remain deprived.

The soundtrack is still fantastic in-case you were wondering.

This update includes some modern content. An all-new training mode great for practicing combos. Unlockable character sprites allows players to see each fighter’s movements in detail. From the most basic strike, to the heaviest attack. Cut-scenes and artwork unlocks in gallery mode. Gamers will have to beat Eyedol first to get the goods. For all the stuff classic offers, beat arcade with every character.

Killer Instinct Classic is a great bonus for those who bought the Ultra bundle. Certainly a trip down memory lane. The visual style is timeless, made better with HD screen filtering options. The scanline TV setting rocks. Get some friends, do fatalities, and rack up major combos. If it was a standalone for 360/XO players, there would have to be more of an effort put forth. You have to consider the length of time gamers have waited. It’s not an unfair demand. At least 1 v 1 online. It’s rumored network play and 360 distribution is on the way. Until that happens, you can take this score to the bank.

Killer Instinct Classic Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Arcade port

+Still looks great


What’s Perpetrating?

-No Online play

-Only available for XO users

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2 thoughts on “Killer Instinct Classic Review

  1. What’s Perpetrating?

    -No Online play

    -Only available for XO users( first one I will agree with but this one was known since MS bought Rare ,it not like their going to help sony sell units or have people steal it instead of paying for it.)


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