The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #2 The Legend of Zelda Series

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It’s unfair to neglect either one of these adventures. Twilight Princess took players down a dark but enjoyable path. Going between an evil and light world, this Wii launch title (and Gamecube Swan song) let us control a mature link. It was indeed worth the wait. In the Dark Hyrule sequences, players would transform into Wolf Link, who was just about as resilient in battle as his standard form. Wolf powers were part of the excitement. Following scent trails to solve puzzles. We had never seen our hero in this state.

Skyward sword took us higher than any Zelda game before it. Literally. Some may prefer SS, due to its much improved combat system. It used the Wii motion plus intelligently. Link would slash his master weapon almost in unison with the player. Ganon was absent from this adventure, but a new villain did a good job of standing-in. Skyward’s impressionist art direction made it shine among PS3/XB360 heavyweights. The metacritic rating is super high on both. Either way it’s a win. Which Wii Zelda is your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #2 The Legend of Zelda Series

  1. I preferred Twilight Princess by a large margin. Those dungeons are just so amazing. And I think Skyward Sword went a little overboard with the motion controls. I’m not against motion controls, but the ones for swimming and little activities really seemed unnecessary. Still a pretty fun game.

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