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Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Taking ourselves back to the 1980’s, if we can, some of us weren’t even born yet.  Games were going on and evolving fast.  Defender was on the top of everyone’s favorites and is still a classic favorite to this day.  Resogun re-imagines this title with incredible new visuals and an addictive personality.  The environments are plenty unique and the scenery is set on a kind of spinning wheel that rotates around as the player flies through the atmosphere.  High tech backgrounds crumble and interact with the action of the player as items explode midair and laser beams fly across the screen.  The visuals are an incredible part of the title but fortunately for us, there is an amazing depth to the title.

Sticking with the classic nature of the game this title is a side scrolling shooter.  The difference is that the player can freely move left or right at will, and with the ever-transforming environments spinning round, there is no limit to the enemies and changes that happen as the player progresses.  Items can be obtained to give your ship greater fire power, and special powers.  Before you know it you have one legit ride flying through the level creating the ultimate take down experience.

There is a delicate balance between just shooting your enemies and tricking them into their own trap.  Floating bombs explode as the enemies try to reach you without realizing it’s there.  Another goal of the player is to free captives that appear by taking down special ships.  These will appear on-screen for only brief moments giving you a small window of opportunity to free the humans and become an untimely hero.

Resogun is high energy, creative, and fun eye candy and definitely worth the fee to pick up.  For the fans of the old school and anyone looking to get something a little different, this does the job. In fact, it does it well.  The visuals and animations are incredible and the game play is on point.  This isn’t a title you have to spend a ton of time with but we think once you start playing, you might find it very hard to stop.

Resogun Gets:


4.5 Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Visuals and Animation

+Abilities and Upgrades

+Simple Control Interface

+Addictive Gameplay

What’s Perpetrating?

-Difficulty may be too high for Some Players

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