The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #4 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Retro keeps its successful run going, with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The game brings the strengths of the first two games, and adds responsive motion control. You feel more immersed than ever before. Finally we have voice acting in the series, adding to the experience. While 2 was primarily dark (still amazing though), 3 has a nice variety of color palettes. Gamers could look forward to the next world, since each one was well designed. Smart puzzles, and tougher enemies. The challenge is always present in Metroid, and this game keeps the tradition alive. At least you didn’t feel completely alone. Working with the Galactic Federation was refreshing. They would actually pull their weight a bit. It’s still under debate which Prime game is the best. One reinvented the wheel of a franchise, two was eerie with solid multiplayer. Three, well it controls the best. Like its predecessors, this is A first person adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

Number 3>

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