The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #7 Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

playlegits greatest wii number 7 sinandp

Treasure makes memorable games. Plain and simple. One of the biggest cult classics on the Nintendo 64 was Sin and Punishment. It was a Japan only adventure, but eventually made available for gamers in the Wii Shop Channel. This was an arcade style game for the home. On rails shooting that reminded us of space harrier, but with more going on. That’s just the first game. Enter Star Successor. This title gets the juice out of the Wii, making players navigate around death rays, and plenty enemy clusters. The nunchuck would control the character, while shooting was done with the remote. Each level had its own vibe. Playing on the maxed out difficulty is Contra frustrating, yet still awesome. There was even a two player option. The second person was your wingman, they would shoot with the remote only.  The entire game is a set piece. Explosions, plenty of grunts, and fun boss battles. We were never bored, just wish it was a little longer. Pick this game up now and Support Treasure.

Number 6>

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