The Top 10 Wii Games of All Time: #10 Madworld

playlegits greatest wii number 10 madworld

Madworld is our Number Ten choice. The key word is: Style. From start to finish, the game is loaded with it. Featuring one of the best in-game soundtracks I have ever heard, to the Black and white cell-shaded visuals, this is truly a new classic. Voice acting is perfect for the setting. Steve Blum already runs things voicing ‘Wolverine’ in many marvel productions. His talents hold true. He voices ‘Jack Cayman’, the game’s main protagonist. You’re in a competition, where killing keeps you alive. This is one of the most brutal games ever made, but it’s quite comical. Hilarious commentary can be heard throughout. Special challenges within madworld, are hosted by a crazy pimp named ‘The Black Baron’. He is sure to provide you with his own set of side-splitting moments. You could hurt enemies with nearly anything. Take a street sign, stick it into their head. We’re not finished, stuff their body in a trash can. Hold on there. Take that body and throw it into a spike trap. Finally, split them down the middle with your robo-hand chainsaw device. Twisted/innovative combat, and a presentation that used the strengths of the system, makes Platinum Games’ Madworld a must own.

Number 9>

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