RIP BlockBuster Video

Do you remember Blockbuster’s various ad campaigns? The Pet duo of Carl and Ray, video game trainer Chet. Great times indeed. These were all fun characters designed to bring gamers and movie watchers alike, into the stores.

I rented ‘TMNT 4: Turtles in time’ at every opportunity. Around that time my bomberman skills evolved, and Wolverine was going solo. Games on top of games were rented in the Jones home. With every new generation of consoles BB was there for my gaming habit. Playing the Super Mario 64 kiosk and messing with Mario’s face until the demo reset. Running around the store like a mad man, no one could stop me. This is where I was first introduced to ‘God of War’. At that time the buzz wasn’t nearly as huge, since it was a new IP. The list goes on of great games, crazy employes, and fun times.

Sadly, it was announced that the long-time video rental chain, will close its doors in January of 2014. What are your blockbuster memories (good or bad)?

@PlayLegit #BlockbusterRIP

P.S. Sorry for the #OSS delay

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