Knack Coop Video Verdict


Real Talk By: KJ

I guess im looking forward to Knack more than most, because it has a throwback vibe about it. The way knack spins, and traverses through levels, reminded me of classic Crash Bandicoot. So it’s great to read developer blogs confirming all that. They had the old school in mind, and crash to be exact. Of course those titles never had multiplayer. Here is Knack. This PS4 launch game features 2 Player local coop. Robo-Knack is the second player. As you’ll see in the video, he can give big knack some of his power. Useful when playing on hard, or stuck in a boss battle. The second player can drop in or drop out at any time, and can also be controlled with the vita. I think Knack could surprise folks, and may be the best launch title for Playstation 4. November 15th is the release. Get ready, we’re so close. Check out the video below!

What are your thoughts on Knack, and it’s coop.

@PlayLegit #Knack

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