Sega Classics are coming: In 3d


They’re coming to the eShop. SEGA is bringing us its classic games, while taking full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. Of course Streets of Rage would be last ( that’s what we wanted the most on the list), but all these titles are sure to make the leap without any issues. Also Super Hang-On could get even more fantastic, since it’s an on-rails experience. I’m thinking StarFox 64 awesome.

3D Space Harrier & 3D Super Hang-On :11/28/2013
3D Sonic The Hedgehog & 3D Altered Beast : 12/5/2013
3D Ecco the Dolphin & 3D Galaxy Force II : 12/12/2013
3D Shinobi III & 3D Streets of Rage : 12/19/2013

@PlayLegit #SEGA3DClassics

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