Game x Movie: Pacific Rim


Real Talk By: KJ

It’s Game x Movie time again. With the recent home video release of Pacific Rim, I thought it would be a good time to recommend some heavyweight titles. I’m talking about Mech-Suit games. The key here is to find titles, in which heroes are put to the test against big aliens. While they may not share a telepathic connection with their machines like our movie stars, the struggle remains the same. Here’s a couple of games PacRim fans are sure to enjoy.

Lost Planet


The planet of E.D.N. III, is new the home of the human race. Unfortunately its inhabited by aliens known as the Akrid. It’s a cold planet, and mankind needs thermal energy to survive. Thankfully the enemies are filled with the stuff. Bigger threats, equals more thermal juice.  Players will take on massive creatures in certain parts of the game. Some of the Aliens will remind you of the Kaiju in Pacific Rim. The Mechs featured in this series was always a highlight. This was being considered for a movie adaptation. With the success of PR, and the upcoming Godzilla film looking legit, will Hollywood wake up again?

War of the Monsters


Combatants were actually formed from the aftermath of an alien attack. Earth’s scientists designed a device that would destroy evil UFO’s taking over the world. The saucers were destroyed, but green goo emerged from the rubble mutating creatures. Characters pay tribute to King Kong, Godzilla, and 1950’s sci-fi films in general. Send enemies through buildings. Use Vehicles and other objects as weapons. The main character looks like Gypsy Danger so thats a plus (Same color scheme). This game is available on the PSN. Look for it in the PS2 classics area.

Earth Defense Force Series


The EDF is good at defending our home. They are responsible for keeping the intergalactic threat the Ravagers away from the innocent. The firearms the Earth Defense force use are deadly, but the real fun comes from using all the Bots and various vehicles. This series always catered to the old school monster flicks. Some of the enemies are intentionally corny. Expect to see swarms of big ants. The series continues with a PS4 sequel recently announced.

I excluded the Pacific Rim Video game from the list, because it’s gameplay is rather clunky. Hopefully you enjoyed my pics. Go get these games, and watch the movie.

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