The Stanley Parable Review


Real Talk By: EC

A game that started out as a mod a few years ago, was recently remade and released to the public.  It has left many astounded. A few weeks prior to it’s release the dev team Galactic Café released a “Demo” of The Stanley Parable that left many gamers confused, toyed with, and intrigued. The Demo itself was very vague on the premise of the game, and in fact gave literally no information about the core game at all, Galactic Café did this intentionally as a way to demonstrate what kind of narrative to expect without giving away anything else, which was well received by the public.

The Basic story without giving too much away is, you play as an everyday cog/drone/lemming/cubicle worker bee named Stanley, a brief introduction is shown about his work life and how he presses buttons at his computer all day because he is told to, a simple life that he seemingly is content with, or so we’re told. One day Stanley notices that all of his co-workers are missing, and then the game starts.

From the second you get up from your desk chair the rest of the game is pure narrative and choices. There are no intense action scenes, guns, complicated button sequences, just a witty Narrator and your “free will”. The writing is obviously where this game shines the most; it pokes fun at gamer culture and breaks the fourth wall faster than a bad Deadpool joke. There are over 10 different endings to the game, and that alone should tell you how branched out your decisions can be. The writing feels like it borrows a lot from other similar stories such as, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, The Portal Series and thematically from George Orwell’s “1984”.

The game runs on the Source Engine which should be obvious if you’re a big valve fan. The voice acting is top-notch and is what pushes you to play the game, just to hear British voice actor Kevan Brighting have witty banter with you, the silent protagonist.
Overall the game keeps you interested at all times, the graphics might be slightly dated but it doesn’t hinder the game at all, the writing is thought-provoking and hilarious without being forced.

The Stanley Parable Gets


4 Out of five

What’s Legit?

+ Great Script & good story pacing

+  Amazing music

What’s Perpetrating?

– Can get repetitive

– A little short

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