Batman Arkham Origins: Double Gameplay Dose

Real Talk By: KJ

I enjoyed the gameplay demo. Seeing Batman invade a police station, rather than working directly with Commissioner Gordon was a unique idea by WB Montreal. The level design and overall graphics look better than ever. My only gripe was within the gameplay. While it looks amazing, i noticed animations were the same as the last game. I understand it’s a prequel story so I’m more lenient. Hopefully WB has more moves and combos reserved for release day.

Watching the Blackgate video, I saw a potentially great Batman game. A 2.5D experience, where gameplay is MetroidVania focused. Players will need to explore at times, retrieving better gadgets. Doing so will get you through puzzles. They did a good job of capturing the fighting from big bro. The Vita version will use the tilt tech to hack into devices. Expect some solid 3D effects in the Nintendo port. Hopefully both versions deliver.

Both Batman Arkham Origins and BlackGate release Tomorrow!

@PlayLegit #BatmanAO #Blackgate


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